CZVR FIR Approved NOTAMs to be used while Controlling/Flying

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Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to take some time off over the Holidays. As we keep growing, I have found it necessary to put down on paper some of the policies and directives that have been kept rather informal to this date. I have posted a new policy document at
Below are some highlights:

Activity requirement
  • As per VATCAN policy; “Do not log on if you do not plan on staying connected for at least 45 minutes.” This excludes any unforeseen events that come up in real life.
  • The 45 minutes need to be continuous on the same position (e.g. Vancouver Ground) unless you move to a higher position if it is vacated (e.g. Vancouver Tower). This does not allow a controller to move from YVR Ground to YYJ Ground just because an aircraft spawn at a gate there!

  • The minimum activity requirement is 2 hours per calendar month. Positions with no traffic do not count towards this requirement unless that is the only position that you are allowed to control). For example, 4 hours in the middle of the night (Pacific Time) at Kelowna Ground with no traffic does not count towards the monthly requirement.
Controllers who fail to control 2 hours for two continuous months will be placed on the inactive list.
  • As per VATCAN policy; “controllers who have been inactive for 90 days or longer may be required to re-certify at the discretion of their FIR Chief”.
Position restrictions
  • No controller is allowed to sign on a position they are not cleared for unless being directly monitored by a CZVR Mentor or Instructor.
  • A current list of position endorsements is always posted on the CZVR website. “In Training” (yellow) indicator on the controller page is not an endorsement for a position.

  • Apron should not be staffed unless authorized ahead of time by the CZVR Chief.
Real-world procedures
  • VFR flights under IMC conditions - Every pilot has the ability to set “Clear Skies” in their simulator hence we cannot close an airport due to bad weather. Advise pilots of the weather conditions but do not deny services.
  • Simulation of tower closures during night time - Since VATSIM is a global environment where both pilots and controllers are on different time zones, we will never close ground or tower just to follow real-world procedures.
  • Runway assignments - We should attempt to accommodate requests to depart from a non-standard runway. This is always traffic permitting. Advise the pilot of any anticipated delays, for example: “Runway 13 for departure, expect a 20 minute delay for arriving/departing traffic”.
  • NOTAMs - Any real-world NOTAMs that affect operations (e.g. runway/taxiways closures) will be posted and can be adhered to at the controller’s discretion and pilot’s acceptance.
  • New students will join the CZVR as an S1 after passing the VATCAN S1 written exam.
  • New students (S1) are eligible to control minor Ground only after passing the CZVR SOP written exam and receiving a minor ground endorsement from a Mentor/Instructor. A minor airport is and Class C or D airport anywhere in the Vancouver FIR except Vancouver (CYVR).
  • New students (S1) are able to control Vancouver Ground after receiving a major ground endorsement from a Mentor/Instructor.
  • The minimum time as an S1 before being eligible for a promotion to S2 is 30 days.
  • The minimum time as an S2 before being eligible for a promotion to S3 is 45 days.
  • The minimum time as an S3 before being eligible for a promotion to C1 is 60 days.
  • For all promotions (S2, S3 and C1), the student must pass a VATCAN written test and an Over The Shoulder (OTS) examination administered by a CZVR Instructor.
  • Training on the next higher position can start immediately after a posted promotion.
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