CZVR 1803 Sector Files v2

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Richie Queally
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CZVR 1803 Sector Files v2

Post by Richie Queally » 09 Mar 2018, 11:15

With the approaching "Arctic Fire" event with Anchorage, I thought I'd release an update for the sector files to improve functionality. Changes include:

-Updated alias phraseology.
-New CYYJ Groundlayout.
-Changed freetext size.
-Auto-transfer with Edmonton, Seattle, and Anchorage. This is experimental and I'm not very sure if it'll work, but because I can't do CTR, there's no way of me testing this.
-Changed color of sector borders, for when neighboring FIRs come online.
-Changed the color of the blinding coastline.
-New SMR ground tags.

Download link

If there's any issues don't hesitate to contact me (
Richie Queally
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