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CZVR 1802 Sector Files

Posted: 18 Feb 2018, 12:26
by Richie Queally
At long last, Vancouver is fully up-to-date with AIRAC 1802! Here's a dodgy changelog:

-Full CANscope integration. New look, new tags etc.
-VRC files (may not be entirely functional just yet).
-Updated the alias phraseology.
-Brand new CYVR ground files.
-Added the GRG5 and FSR6 SIDs.
-Renumbered and revised other SIDs and STARs.
-Squawk ranges narrowed to 5101-5147. If duplicates arise, codes 3701-3747 are acceptable

What is still missing:
-Because of the new program I use, I had to maually re-add everything. COPx still isn't back.

What is coming:
-vATIS files for all CZVR airports.
-Re-done ground files for all airports.
-Anchorage and Seattle sectors for auto-handoffs.

The install location is at If any issues arise, do not hesitate to contact me at so I can release a hotfix as soon as possible.