End of Year Thank You(s) and Training Suggestion

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Keith Rocke
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End of Year Thank You(s) and Training Suggestion

Post by Keith Rocke » 16 Dec 2017, 09:44

First of all... Holiday Greetings to our members. Thank you (all) for your inputs regarding CZVR ongoing success.

Brad. Thank you for time and feedback as I begin the transition from S2 into S3 at CZVR. With that said, might I suggest the addition to the website - some type of (RFT) Request For Training input whereby a member can request block time training from our available instructors - and - which can/would automatically generate an email (back to the requester) to confirm that session?

I know how real world activities and responsibilities may NOT play well into this virtual environment. But I cannot see another (real world) method of blocking training time as of this writing.


Keith - 1085341

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