Welcome to the Vancouver FIR

The Vancouver Flight Information region is made up of the airspace above the central and southern part of British Columbia. The Vancouver FIR lies above some of Canada’s most challenging terrain; namely the Rocky Mountains.

Our busiest airport is Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) which is located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, about 12 km from Downtown Vancouver. It is the second busiest airport in Canada behind Toronto Pearson International Airport.

A large portion of the airspace covers the Rocky Mountains, which results in exceptionally high MEAs and MRVAs. Remember there is no radar coverage in the tighter valleys, so radar vectors below 15’000 are generally not available.

We welcome all traffic and extend a special invitation to sea planes. Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre (CYHC) is the busiest water aerodrome in Canada with its own control tower – the tallest one in the world!

Tomas Hansson
CZVR Chief